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TEM-FAST 48 is highly portable multipurpose geophysical system based on advanced TEM-FAST technology providing high resolution, efficient operation in any conditions, including industrial city zones with limited space, deserts, mountains, any hard accessible areas. TEM-FAST 48 can be applied for solution of very wide range of problems, including environmental investigations, hydrogeological researches, archaeological, mineral prospecting and others. TEM-FAST 48 can operate with any desktop computer, Notebook (Windows XP/7 x86,x64) or with Handheld (OS Mobile, Win CE) computer via standard interface RS 232 (9-pin connector) or USB (host). TEM-FAST 48 generates and sends short pulses of electromagnetic field in the earth and registers its response which depends on the electric resistivity of the prospecting block of the rock.
After stacking of the signal, computer switches system into the state with small power consumption, then does calculations of normalized voltage/current ratios and rms inaccuracy of measurements as well.
Algorithms of measurements and data processing applied in TEM-FAST 48 permit to exclude systematic errors connected with battery discharging and temperature drift, to increase signal/noise ratio if signal level small.




TEM-FAST 48system is equipped with base software which provides control, viewing of measurement results in digital form as well as apparent resistivity curves and some characteristics of the noise existing during measurements. There is possibility to view different characteristics of noise existing during the equipment operating.
TEM-FAST 48 system have also advanced software package TEM-RESEARCHER (TEM-RES) for fast inverse problem solution in the class of gradient and layered sections directly in the field conditions. TEM-RES gives user possibility to do inversion even if induced polarization (IP) and superparamagnetic (SPM) effect complicate experimental data. Moreover, innovative technology permits to use these effects for extending of conventional possibilities of TDEM method.
TEM-RES has special tools for mass data processing and construction of 2D or 3D images of geoelectrical sections. In the cases when the targets under investigation have a clear 3D structure, the user can apply TEM_3D_WIZARD software having friendly interface designed specially for TEM-FAST application






Time gates

48 logarithmically spaced

Time range

4 - 16000 Ás

Transmitter's current

1 A or 4 A

Loop size

5cm × 5cm - 500m × 500m

Sounding depth range

1m - 300m

Daily production

up to 100 soundings

Rugged box


Dimensions (mm)


Weight (kg)


Internal battery

12 V, 2-3 Ah


~0.1 ÁV


Notebook or Handheld computer

Operating temperature

-20C + 65C




1.   Generating, measuring block with the internal battery in a single case
2.   Cables for connection of the computer with USB interface
3.   Cable for measurements with the single receiving-generating antenna
4.   Cable for measurements with the receiving and generating antenna (4 wires)
5.   Cable for connection of the external battery "Power 12/24V"
6.   Test - coil
7.   Charging device with a cable
8.   Antenna 50m × 50m (100 m cable r = 2 Ohm and 2×50 = 100 m, r = 4 Ohm)
9.   Additional sockets for antennas (16 pieces)
10. Base system software TEM-FAST 48
11. Manual for base software
12. TEM-RESEARCHER software for data processing, analysis, inversion and visualization
13. Manual for TEM-RESEARCHER
14. Rugged HandHeld computer (optional)
15. TEM-3D-WIZARD software for direct and inverse TEM problem solution
16. Bag for transportation and keeping the device

Depth of investigations is from several meters when searching of small targets till 300 meters (and more in favorable conditions).
TEM-FAST 48 is convenient and high efficient tool for
control and monitoring of ground water, leakage and pollution, MT static shift correction and for many other applications.
TEM-FAST 48 has been used in many areas including:
Botswana, Brazil, Chile, Crete, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Mexico, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Re-Union, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, The Netherlands, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, South African Republic, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam.
In case histories, one can see some examples of TEM-FAST technology application for environmental, engineering and many other problems.




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